Towels Care instructions- towel and bathrobes

Towel and bathrobe care, wash and dry.

 Washing Temperature
Please wash all towels before the first use! We recommend wash towel at 50° for colored from Fermel luxury towel and wash the white towel at 90 °.
Please note that white, light-colored and dark-colored towels wash separately,  because this can be staining.  Recolor the colors can be prevented. Detergent should be used only for whites, since these optical brighteners.  For the colored towel we recommend color safe or mild detergent, for thus the intensity of the colors is maintained.
Fabric softeners-fabric conditioner
We do not recommend in general that is to use for terry fabric softener, because the fabric softeners affect the suction negative. In general, we do not recommend   that using softener for terry towel, because the fabric softeners affect the suction negative.

Especially for high-pile terry, it is quite normal that this little fluff in the beginning. Please ensure optimum fill your washing machine. At the optimum capacity, the mechanical friction is reduced in the washing drum and thus reducing the fluff.

Since our terry products are made from pure cotton, these can not be fixed entering to 100%.
Unplug the terry cloth after washing in semi-moist state in the form and be sure that the temperature of your dryer is not too high.
 Snagged yarns are no problem! Cut the snagged yarns at short from tissue with scissors. It should incur no laddering. Please avoid common washing of towels with other items such as the hooks or zippers.

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